The case for British slavery reparations can no longer be brushed aside

There is now a global debate focused on all those nations who built their wealth by denying black people humanity.

Ionce asked a British cabinet minister why the country had never apologised for the transatlantic slave trade. After all, this nation trafficked more enslaved Africans than almost any other – at least 3 million on British […]

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No apology for slavery, says Dutch PM in bad-tempered debate about racism

The Dutch government has no plans at the moment to offer an apology for slavery and the Dutch role in the slave trade, prime minister Mark Rutte said during an often heated debate on racism and discrimination on Wednesday evening.

Two of the four coalition parties – D66 and ChristenUnie – had called on the […]

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The United States owes Black America reparations

By Khury Petersen-Smith and Akua Gyamerah

The uprising sparked in Minneapolis by the police murder of George Floyd – which spread across the country and around the world – is building on and moving beyond the movements against racist policing that preceded it.

As community activists challenge officials to slash law enforcement budgets and force a serious […]

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Reparations bill gains steam following the death of George Floyd

By Mike Lillis (The Hill)

Legislation exploring whether Black Americans should receive restitution for slavery may soon get a huge boost, as a growing number of Democrats are hoping to move reparations this summer as another response to the death of George Floyd.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) will huddle Wednesday to discuss their next […]

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Belgium – Moving from Regrets to Reparations

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, celebrations for the 60th anniversary of independence on June 30 were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of the usual festivities, the government called for a day of “reflection.” The Belgian king, Philippe, wrote a letter to the Congolese president that contained few words but much to reflect […]

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The day of great deception in Suriname

July 1, 1863: The day of great deception in Suriname

For many years Surinamese people of African descent, whose ancestors worked on the plantations in the colony of Suriname, celebrated and commemorated ‘Keti Koti’ on July 1 as “Emancipation Day”.

In recent years they have been doing this more and more together with others from our Republic. […]

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The Wrongful Death of Toussaint Louverture

The hero of the Haitian Revolution’s lonely death in a French prison cell was not an unfortunate tragedy but a cruel story of deliberate destruction.

On the morning of 7 April 1803, Toussaint Louverture, leader of the slave insurrection in French Saint-Domingue that led to the Haitian Revolution, was found dead by a guard in the […]

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Oxford college backs removal of Cecil Rhodes statue

Oriel College launches independent commission to examine key issues around imperialist’s statue

Oxford University’s Oriel College has voted in favour of removing its statue of the Victorian imperialist Cecil Rhodes and will set up an independent inquiry into the key issues around it following a student-led campaign that began four years ago.

The governing body of Oriel […]

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