A Case for Non-Symbolic Reparation

Harvard should not limit its outreach to Antigua

Last week, the Antiguan Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders, asked Harvard to follow in Georgetown’s footsteps and provide reparations to Antigua and Barbuda, citizens of which are descendants of slaves previously owned by the Royall family whose donation funded […]

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Atonement in America!

By Earl Bousquet

The second half of 2016 will be well remembered in the USA as period when the Reparations issue became a new hot topic in the ongoing discussion among Americans about the cst an consequences of the historical degradation, sale and exploitation of people, across America, through Slavery and other forms of Native Genocide.

In […]

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The Arc of Justice: Reparations for African Americans

Speakers at Cornell University Conference Call for Federal Reparations

By Janelle Odionou

Prof. William Darity, public policy, Duke University, and Kirsten Mullen, a folklorist and art consultant, addressed racial discrimination and its profound effect on economic inequality in the United States at a lecture Thursday. Mullen discussed how some of our country’s most prominent investment banks, insurance […]

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What We Owe the White House Slaves: $83 Million

By Michael Daly

The slaves who built the White House got no pay—but their owners got up to $60 a year. So here’s what America really owes the builders’ descendants.
Peter. Ben. Harry. Daniel. Jerry. Moses. Anthony. Tom. Jess. Jack. Nero. George. David. Gus. Bob. Liverpoole. Gerard. Gil. Alex. Stephen. Dick. Nace. Charles. Bob. Kitt. Moses. Len. […]

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