Reparations for Blacks in America: Four Centuries of Struggle Now on the Cusp

Since being robbed from our homeland, Africans and their descendants have waged unrelenting efforts for redress. These efforts have taken many forms. Some aimed at self-repair (now called internal reparations); others sought redress from those who committed the crimes.

The first acts of reparations sought to restore our liberty and sovereignty. Individual flight from enslavers, waging […]

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What Price Wholeness?

A detailed new proposal for reparations for slavery raises three critical questions: How much, exactly, does America owe? Where will the money come from? And who gets paid?

By Shennette Garrett-Scott

Shennette Garrett-Scott is an Associate Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Mississippi and the author of Banking on […]

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Why History Matters: the Legacy of Slavery

by David Rosen

Many Americans watched as Joe Biden marked his Inauguration Day celebration with a brief presentation before the statue of Abraham Lincoln, invoking the Civil War as an historical moment when the nation triumphed over deep division.

When recalling Lincoln, many New Yorkers may remember the famous speech he gave at Cooper […]

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Sir Hilary: The Caribbean’s Dr Martin Luther King Jr

By Anthony Gafoor

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

These were the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in a speech in 1965. Because he has not been silent about things that matter, I stand in solidarity with the Caribbean, and especially the University of the West Indies […]

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W. Arthur Lewis: Intellectual author of CARICOM’s blueprint for reparatory justice

In this week’s REPARATION CONVERSATIONS, a partnership between The Gleaner and the UWI’s Centre for Reparation Research (CRR), Earl Bousquet highlights the life and contribution of Nobel Laureate, Sir Arthur Lewis. The article coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur, now regarded by those who have now discovered his ideas in his […]

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Despite COVID-19, the Caribbean Reparations Train Remained on Track in 2020! Part 4 (Final)

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The three previous parts offered chronological recalls of some of the major developments that made 2020 different for the Caribbean’s Reparatory Justice Movement, including: George Floyd’s death and the resulting impetus for the Black Lives Matter and Reparations Movements in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and the rest of the […]

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Capitalism, Slavery, and Economic White Supremacy

By Calvin Schermerhorn

What is at stake when we talk about the economics of North American slavery? Over the last 75+ years it has been whether capitalism superseded slavery or whether capitalism and slavery were co-constituted, capitalism to some extent relying on slavery. Part of that discussion has been theoretical and part […]

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