5 Of The Most Imaginitve Ways The Black People Used To Escape Slavery

It’s almost tragic that the most badass escaped slave story most people know is Django Unchained. Because in real life, not only did slaves frequently escape, but they often did it without help from free whites, and without murdering several hundred people. Instead, what they had was cleverness and the audacity to try ridiculous plans that by all rights should never have worked.

5. A Couple Cross-Dress Their Way Out of Slavery

In 1848, a slave in Georgia named William Craft hit upon a brilliant plan to escape from his life of bondage: His wife, Ellen, was very light-skinned, and with some forged papers she could easily pass for white. So, why not just pose as her slave and get on a train heading north? There’s no way that plan can turn into some kind of wacky Three’s Company-style farce!

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