14 thoughts on “Ghana Offers African-Americans & Caribbean people the Right of Return & the Right of Abode in 2019.

    How are you doing it’s sound great that Ghana would like to have us Back. But Ghana sold our ancestors a long with other Africans We are different People not the same people. We are the true Israelites be Blessed Shalom

    Mr. Rathael G. Fambro (Ka-Mugisa Nyaagaku)

    I retired from the states to Puerto Rico, in August 2017. I would still like to ultimately permanently, relocate to Africa. I have many friends throughout the continent, and keep up contacts, and my wife and I, along with our two adult sons, have traveled together extensively over the years.

    I have not come across any “specific” instructions/details, on “how” to make abode/return application, to Ghana, or anywhere in Africa. I am not one for fanfare, celebration, with no concrete ways to get things accomplished.

    I am interested in investment, and relocation, but I need serious, specific details and outlines about many things. Where can I get that? I’ve been to Ghana, and seen everything I wanted to see as a visitor. As someone interested in possibly moving there, and investing there, I’m not interested in feel good celebrations and parties.

    Octavia D Reed

    Can I get more I formation on this….as most NEGRO people here in America we don’t have $$$ put away for this…..so more info on how this would be greatly appreciated

    Gail A Williams

    This is a dream come true! Since I was a young girl I have wanted to live in Africa site unseen. All my life Ive been a vessel for the strengthening of our people. Moving, residing, teaching, supporting and/applying myself in Africa/Ghana is the way I would like to live the rest of my life. Commenting is required here but I want to be a part of this move.


    I agree with the above statement. How can one make this happen? As a black woman in America. I would like to know more about the paperwork and money involved. I would like to leave the states as soon as I can. Please advise. Thank in advance.

    Richard Edwards II

    I’m a 47 year old Black man in America. All of my life, it has always been a dream of mine to come home to Ghana Africa. Especially, when I found out through my Father that our bloodline flows throughout Ghana. However, I am in financial debt within the state government in which I presently reside. This alone places a travel block on me to travel to
    another country. I ask, do the government of Ghana have a financial program set for people like me that is trying to come home?


    Relocating to Ghana is possible. Its one of the easiest country to relocate to (now I am not sure of what it will be like post-COVID 19) but ou need money. For example, to rent an apartment or house, you may need to pay one or two years advance. The first place to start is to speak with the Ghanaian Embassy or Consulate to receive instructions what is necessary for a visa.

    I never lived in Ghana but traveled to Ghana many times. I lived in two West African countries for about 8 years. I started of with a tourist visa and applied for a long-stay visa and residency. I received residency for one country. Ghana is also an easy application for a long stay visa and residency. If you have a tourist visa, you will be allowed to stay up to consecutive three months stay in Ghana (if things are still the same). An easy way is to take a one or two day trip to a neighboring country, i.e. Togo and Ivory Coast (avoid Burkina Faso) and return to Ghana. This is until you get your long-stay visa. What I am saying is…visa isn’t an issue. So what’s the main issuse? For me its culture. Get to know the culture, especially how they handle relationships, money, and social status. It will save you a lot of headaches. I recommend reading books on cross-cultural issues. When you get to Ghana try to build relationships with people who have traveled or lived in a Western country. They will help you with the cultural dynamics. Learn some Twi (there are many local languages but in Accra and throughout Ghana this is the most spoken language).

    A key thing you will have to deal with….
    Overall, Ghanaians are very friendly and will welcome you back. However, if they are not aware of their history (or the history of the African diaspora), they will call you white. It doesn’t matter how dark you are. If you are fair, then you are definitely white. White isn’t an issue of color but of culture. Its merely because you are from America or Europe or even Latin America. You will receive “American” or European priviledge (make sure you do not use this to your advantage). But also when purchase things through the local marker, expect to pay more than the locals because you are white. This is generally the case throughout much of West Africa (if not all of Africa).

    Hope this helps!


    Oh, I forgot to mention…Ghana has established relationships with Trinidad & Tobago. I believe there is a waiver for the tourist visa…but please get in contact with the Ghanaian Embassy.

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