CRC Retreat

Members of the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC) representing national reparations committees and councils from across the region met recently at the Regional HQ of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Jamaica for a two-day retreat to review the Commission’s work over the past two years and to map out an agenda for 2019.

One thought on “CRC Retreat

    Allan Akanni Luke

    I fully support this reparation movement and the ten-point plan 120% however I would like you to pay particular attention to our healing and repair process as stated in “PSYCHOLOGICAL REHABILITATION” where a massive psychological trauma upon African descendant populations was inflicted.
    It is well documented that Africans descendants are at the bottom of the economic ladder in the Caribbean and Latin America especially Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil to name a few. What they all have in common …Their color . In most cases in Caricom States we represent more than 60% of the population but own less than 10% of the economy. This gross imbalance cannot continue unattended and the need shift our mindset from consumers to owners must start.
    I await not only your reports but full buy-in and implementations.
    This is my first visit to your website so excuse me if you have advanced way beyond my thoughts.
    All the best team

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