Beckles to European Parliament: “End colonialism in region and honor debt owed.”

The University of the West Indies Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, called upon the European Parliament to end colonization in the region and honour its debt to the people. Invited to speak to the parliament (at a virtual international panel on December 2, 2020) during a special discussion on the poverty legacies of colonization, […]

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U.S. cities and states are discussing reparations for Black Americans. Here’s what’s key.

One lesson from international efforts: Keep reparations distinct from general social support.
By Peter Dixon
As Black Lives Matter protests have surged across the United States, several cities and at least one state have taken significant steps toward offering reparations for slavery and its legacy of systemic racism, including Evanston, Ill.; Asheville, N.C.; Burlington, Vt.; Providence, R.I.; […]

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Independent MP William Wilberforce wrote the Slave Trade Act in 1807 which abolished the industry across the British Empire. It was enacted in 1833

The transatlantic slave trade was launched by Portuguese traders with the construction of sub-Saharan Africa’s first permanent slave trading post at Elmina in 1492.

But it soon passed into Dutch then English hands […]

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Despite COVID-19, the Caribbean Reparations Train Remained on Track in 2020! – PART 2

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November 2020 was a Reparations month to remember.

On November 3, while American voters were busy deciding President Donald Trump’s future at the White House, the United Nations (UN) Security Council held an unprecedented Open Debate on ‘Peace-Building and Sustaining Peace – Contemporary Drivers of Conflict […]

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Despite COVID-19, the Caribbean Reparations Train Remained on Track in 2020! – PART 1

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2020, Year of COVID-19, was not only about the pandemic. The virus took lives and ruined life for too-many-to-count worldwide. But it also registered events worth chronicling in, around and for the Caribbean, especially relating to CARICOM governments’ quest for Reparations from Europe for Slavery and Native Genocide, launched in 2013.

Picking-up […]

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Reckoning With Slavery: What A Revolt’s Archives Tell Us About Who Owns The Past

by Marjoleine Kars

The consequences of 400 years of the Atlantic slave trade are still felt today. Untangling the power structures and systemic racism that came with slavery is ongoing, with police brutality, memorials to slave owners and reparations forming part of the discussion.

But as the United Nations marks Dec. 2 as the International Day for […]

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CRR/SLNRC Regional Secondary School’s Virtual Lecture Conquest, Colonisation and the Imperial Project

Thank you Madame Chair – Professor Shepherd/Sister Verene
I am indeed pleased to bring comradely greetings from the Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission – to the Centre for Reparation Research, the St Lucia National Reparations Committee and to the guest lecturers on this the third in the series of. I am sure that I am […]

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