Ahmed Reid | Britain’s Long Arc Of Injustice

The recent revelation that the British Government deported hundreds of Caribbean nationals, many of whom migrated to the UK under the Nationality Act of 1948 as citizens of the Commonwealth, and were granted indefinite leave to remain, is, in the words of British MP David Lammy, “inhumane and cruel”. It is inhumane and cruel because […]

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Welcome, Mister Harry Wales: The Visit of the Privileged

Welcome, Mister Harry Wales: The Visit of the Privileged

Dorbrene E. O’Marde – Chairperson, Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission

We welcome you Henry Charles Albert David aka Prince Henry of Wales or perhaps more popularly as Prince Harry. We understand that you do not have a surname, but as a member of the House of Windsor, […]

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5 Of The Most Imaginitve Ways The Black People Used To Escape Slavery

It’s almost tragic that the most badass escaped slave story most people know is Django Unchained. Because in real life, not only did slaves frequently escape, but they often did it without help from free whites, and without murdering several hundred people. Instead, what they had was cleverness and the audacity to try ridiculous plans […]

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Castries Mayor backs ‘Reparations all-year-round!’

Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, welcomed the CARICOM Delegation to his city and the CARICOM Reparations Baton runners to Derek Walcott Square and urged that events be held year-round to provide answers to burning questions.

Following are Remarks delivered by His Worship the Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, at the Saint Lucia CARICOM Reparations Youth Rally […]

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Atonement in America!

By Earl Bousquet

The second half of 2016 will be well remembered in the USA as period when the Reparations issue became a new hot topic in the ongoing discussion among Americans about the cst an consequences of the historical degradation, sale and exploitation of people, across America, through Slavery and other forms of Native Genocide.

In […]

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Dr. Walter Rodney: Revolutionary Intellectual, Socialist, Pan-Africanist and Historian

By: Ajamu Nangwaya

Walter Rodney demonstrated that it is not inevitable for intellectuals to perpetuate exploitation. They have the option of committing “class suicide.”

“In evaluating Walter Rodney one characteristic stands out. He was a scholar who recognized no distinction between academic concerns and service to society, between science and social commitment. He was concerned about […]

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The Little-known Stories of Two Revolutionary Caribbean Women!

By: Amílcar Sanatan

There is a ‘lost history’ of radical women and women’s organizing in the Caribbean for social and economic justice that changed our landscape for more than a century.

When we think of great leaders, we think of presidents, prime ministers and heads of revolutionary movements. In our collective memory, we sometimes forget the […]

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The Arc of Justice: Reparations for African Americans

Speakers at Cornell University Conference Call for Federal Reparations

By Janelle Odionou

Prof. William Darity, public policy, Duke University, and Kirsten Mullen, a folklorist and art consultant, addressed racial discrimination and its profound effect on economic inequality in the United States at a lecture Thursday. Mullen discussed how some of our country’s most prominent investment banks, insurance […]

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Emancipation and Economic Resilience

by Maxwell Haywood

The story of the resilience of the former enslaved black population in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) is part of the global narrative of the resilience of people of African descent throughout the world, who experienced the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism. That heritage of resilience is becoming more vital to the […]

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