The Little-known Stories of Two Revolutionary Caribbean Women!

By: Amílcar Sanatan

There is a ‘lost history’ of radical women and women’s organizing in the Caribbean for social and economic justice that changed our landscape for more than a century.

When we think of great leaders, we think of presidents, prime ministers and heads of revolutionary movements. In our collective memory, we sometimes forget the […]

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The Arc of Justice: Reparations for African Americans

Speakers at Cornell University Conference Call for Federal Reparations

By Janelle Odionou

Prof. William Darity, public policy, Duke University, and Kirsten Mullen, a folklorist and art consultant, addressed racial discrimination and its profound effect on economic inequality in the United States at a lecture Thursday. Mullen discussed how some of our country’s most prominent investment banks, insurance […]

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The Reparations Movement: “A Ragtag Collection of Racial Malcontents Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum?”

By Dr. June Soomer

The Reparations Movement: “A Ragtag Collection of Racial Malcontents Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum?”

I would like to thank the National Reparations Committee for inviting me to deliver this inaugural lecture to launch the Committee. Since I was on the inside I know what it has taken to reach this […]

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Emancipation and Economic Resilience

by Maxwell Haywood

The story of the resilience of the former enslaved black population in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) is part of the global narrative of the resilience of people of African descent throughout the world, who experienced the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism. That heritage of resilience is becoming more vital to the […]

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Address by Sir Hilary Beckles to the NAARC’s Reparations Town Hall in Atlanta

Address by Sir Hilary Beckles, chair of the CARICOM Reparations Commission to the NAARC’s Reparations Town Hall in Atlanta

(Delivered by Don Rojas on behalf of Sir Hilary)

Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World and Convenor of the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC),
Cong. John Conyers,
Members of the Local Organizing […]

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Slavery as Free Trade

The 18th-century thinkers behind laissez-faire economics saw slavery as a great example of global free trade

by Blake Smith

For nearly four centuries, the Atlantic slave trade brought millions of people into bondage. Scholars estimate that around 1.5 million people perished in the brutal middle passage across the Atlantic. The slave trade linked Africa, Europe […]

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Crime Without Punishment

The Caribbean case for reparative justice

By David A. Granger

Address by His Excellency Brigadier David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to the International Youth Reparations Relay and Rally, Independence Park, Georgetown.

The trans-Atlantic trade in captive Africans

The trans-Atlantic trade in captive Africans “was the largest forced transportation of human beings from […]

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The Socialist Case for Reparations

by Brian Jones

A 1930 unemployment rally at local Communist Party headquarters in Washington, DC. Library of Congress

In a series of recent articles in the Atlantic, columnist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates criticized US presidential candidate and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders for not supporting reparations. Cedric Johnson responded with an open letter that challenged Coates’s […]

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Second Caricom Reparation Conference

By The Most Honourable P.J Patterson ON, OCC, PC, QC

Honourable Gaston Brown, Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, Hon. Freundal Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados, and Chair of the CARICOM Prime Ministerial Sub-Committee on Reparations, Minister Lisa Hanna, Minister of Youth & Culture and Leader of the Jamaican Delegation. Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Chair of […]

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