The Socialist Case for Reparations

by Brian Jones

A 1930 unemployment rally at local Communist Party headquarters in Washington, DC. Library of Congress

In a series of recent articles in the Atlantic, columnist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates criticized US presidential candidate and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders for not supporting reparations. Cedric Johnson responded with an open letter that challenged Coates’s […]

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Jamaica insulted by Great Britain’s Prime Minister

British Prime Minister David Cameron on his visit to Jamaica October 2015, when asked about reparations for slavery replied that Jamaica should move on from the painful legacy of slavery and offered to build a multi million Pound prison on the island. This comes as an insult because within the […]

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Cameron Faces Slavery Reparation Calls in Jamaica

Jamaican prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller raises slavery reparations at a meeting with David Cameron on Wednesday. Cameron is first British prime minister to visit Jamaica for 14 years, aims to strengthen trade ties with the former British colony. He is now under pressure to address them when he speaks to the Jamaican parliament.


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